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Scroll down to see how easy it is to make money while helping others!


Connect to your Activity Tracker!

Create online walks to raise money for charities while reaching your step goals. You'll earn money for each time you win (walk the most steps), and for every walk you sponsor/create. Check our FAQs for an easy video on how to track steps with Fitbit, iPhone, or Apple Watch. Mobile apps and Garmin support are coming soon!

Raise Money by Sponsoring Walks

You do not need a fitness device to raise money - create an online fundraiser walk in three easy steps that take less than 2 minutes. You'll be able to earn a percentage of the proceeds which you can then use to promote the walk and raise even more money for your cause!

Track Your Victories & Fundraising!

Keep track of your money raised for charity and your gold, silver, and bronze finishes across all your walks on your personal dashboard! A portion of proceeds from every walk must go to the chosen charity! Win a walk by getting the most steps.


Sponsor & Join Online Walks for Charity

It takes most users less than 2 minutes to complete the three easy steps for creating an online walk. The sponsor of a walk picks or creates the charity/benefit and sets an entry fee. Then they allocate a portion of the proceeds for themsleves, the winner, and the charity.

Synchronize Your Steps

Once an event starts, "one click sync" lets you pull in your latest step data and see where you rank against other walkers. The person with the most steps, wins the prize - so that everyone is motivated to reach their step goals. Each walk can be any duration from one day to a month, or even longer!


Your personal dashboard shows you how much you have raised for charity, stats on past victories, money earned, and the "Leaderboard" where you can see how you rank for all walks in progress. You can also see and plan for (promote) future walks, and check out your history on the "Closed" tab of completed fundraisers.

Walk as Much As You Want!

You can sponsor and create as many fundraiser walks as you want - even at the same time. Can't beat your coworkers in steps? Start another walk against friends where maybe you'll have better luck or to help one of the many national 501(c)(3) charities on C4H!


Join a Walk

Click here to search and join already created online fundraiser walks which are open to the public. There are many to choose from - all with a designated charity as the beneficiary. So pick your favorite "cause" and KEEP WALKING!!!


Create a Walk

Click here to create, or sponsor your own fundraising online walk! You pick the charity (or email us to have your own created). You say how much the winner gets, how much it costs to enter, and how much you earn for taking less than two minutes to set up the event!