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Compete for Hope


Compete For Hope (C4H) lets you join or sponsor (create) online walks to raise money for a known charity, or a personalized fundraiser you create! There is no cost for sponsoring/creating an online walk - it's completely free!  In fact, as a sponsor, you get to decide what percent of the proceeds you keep as earnings - so you actually make money.  This may sound like a gimmick, but the key goal is to help incentivize people to do more... to organize more fundraisers... to raise more money... to earn more... and to have fun and stay healthy in the process! 

You can make a lot by inviting a lot of friends or setting a high entry cost, or you can give 100% to the cause (we recommend allocating at least a little to the winner as well, to keep people motivated to join your walks).

Don't want to sponsor - consider joining one of many online walks for a good cause from the "JOIN" page!

The unique part of C4H is that we share the wealth by allowing users to earn money when they sponsor fundraisers.  That money can be used to offset promotional expenses and ultimately help to raise even more money for the cause!

Using our simple three step setup, it takes less than a minute to sponsor/create a new "online" walk. And, to help generate excitement about your fundraiser (and to raise more money) a percent of the pot goes to the person with the most steps!  

Steps are automatically pulled into the site through integration to step tracking devices. 


Get 100 people to join a walk by giving $10 each and, you have a $1000 in the "pot". 

As the sponsor, you specify how much goes to charity, to the winner, and to you.  Here's how that works:

  • You're the sponsor and if you give yourself 20%, you will earn $200 
  • If you allocate another 20% to the winner (person with the most steps) they also take home $200
  • And if you gave the remaining 60% to charity, you would raise $600 for that cause!
  • Note, administrative fees usually take 0-10% from the totals but we will gladly add those back to the charitable portion of your walk (for a good cause).  Use the Contact Us link to reach us and set that up.

Some sample fundraisers you might consider sponsoring:

  • Supporting someone with overwhelming medical expenses
  • Raising money for someone admitted to a college they cannot afford
  • Helping someone repair a roof on a storm damaged home 
  • Giving to a well-known charity
  • Pulling together funds so that every kid on a team/in a club/from a class can go on an out of town trip
  • The sky's the limit - so if you see an unmet need - let's organize a walk and try to help!


Our mission is to help raise money for charities and people in need, through positive experiences for the participants.  We've started with online walks.  Together, we can make a huge positive impact on the world!

We want to hear from you about which additional charities you care about so we can start helping people in need.  

Also coming in Fall 2018 is our mobile app including support for pulling in your steps from Android/Apple devices and Apple watches!  

If you have ideas for how to further improve C4H, then we would love to hear from you!  Use the contact link at the bottom of our web page and reach out or email  


Want to get started?!  Check out our very short, quick start/overview video by clicking HERE! 

Thank you for visiting Compete For Hope!