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Compete for Hope


What is Compete For Hope?

Compete For Hope provides a way to raise money for charities, earn money for organizing online fundraising walks, and win money for beating your friends when you get the most steps in those walks! 

We hope you have fun using the site, while helping a good cause along the way (every walk must be focused on fundraising for a designated charity)! 

Check out our video overview of how to get started making money and/or raising money with online fundraising walks by clicking HERE

Can I add a new charity? What about adding a person, my school, my team, or a club as a charity?


You can create your own fundraising cause/charity.  Use the button on the charities page to set it up for free.  You can then choose it when creating competitions and a minimum of 10% (or a max of 100%) of all funds will go to that charity.  If you want to raise money for a person (friend, loved one, yourself), even better!

The original vision for Compete For Hope was to level the playing field by making sure every individual has the financial means necessary to chase their goals, whether that be paying for sports equipment to join a team, or paying tuition to attend college.  We look forward to helping you, your friends, and the organizations you care about raise money to make the world a better place!  

What types of competitions are there?

This first release of Compete For Hope supports competitions that use activity devices to track steps.  You can compete to see who gets the most steps, in which case a single winner gets the allocated award. We currently support Fitbit, Apple iPhone, and Apple Watch for tracking steps.  You can connect a Fitbit from the Device menu in the drop down under your profile image (top right corner). 

Use the video below to see how to setup an iPhone or Apple Watch.  Full support for Garmin devices, Android and Apple phones and Apple Watch are all only weeks away.

I don't have a Fitbit, can I still use Compete For Hope?


If you have an iPhone, we recommend first trying a free approach available in the Fitbit app, which you can download without owning a device.  The steps for connecting the Fitbit app to your iPhone for step tracking are:

  1. Open the Fitbit app and tap on the Account tab.
  2. Tap on + Set Up a Device.
  3. You'll be able to see "MobileTrack," tap on it and follow the onscreen instructions.  This video shows you these steps.  

If you don't see the choice for MobileTrack, try using "Sync Solver" ( which will pull your Apple Health steps into the Fitbit app.  You can then register on C4H with your email and add your Fitbit account (or register on C4H with your Fitbit account).

Again, click HERE for a step by step video tutorial.

Also, anyone can donate to charities listed on C4H without having a device. 

And, we're adding integration to more device types very soon - Garmin support will be added very soon and iWatch support through our mobile apps will come out in late fall of this year.